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The Amazing Geography of Fiction

A guided tour of fascinating make-believe places, terrains, maps and more as showcased in beautiful illustrations and video clips. Bring your favorites to share with the group during the discussion portion of the session. Presented by Igal Koshevoy, who did the Best of Strange Maps and Maps of Power sessions in previous years.

Showcased places include:

  • "Sound of the Sky" ("Sora no Woto") anime: Geography describing a human culture and their emotional connections to it and their people.
  • "Kontroll" movie by Nimród Antal: Geography representing mood, social dysfunction, and the rationalizations of inhumanity.
  • "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar" anime: Detailed, accurate and intricately realistic geography.
  • "Aria" manga by Kozue Amano: Blending of realistic and fanciful geography.
  • "Les Chevaliers du Ciel" movie by Gérard Pirès's: Geography of three-dimensional spaces as seen by aircraft pilots and how ones perceptions of this territory changes based on the situation..
  • "The Shining" movie by Stanley Kubrick: Geography representing insanity, disorder and unreliable situational awareness, and disorientation within this.
  • "Serial Experiments Lain" anime: Geography of cyberspace and unreality, and psychological distance.
  • "Saya's Song" ("Saya no Uta") visual novel by Gen Urobuchi: Geography as seen through horribly skewed perceptions.
  • "The Ritual" ("Shiki-Jitsu") movie by Hideki Anno: Geography of alienating, uninviting, inhuman and industrialized places vs. the hermetic, symbolic geography of self-created places.
  • "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" anime by Gen Urobuchi: Externally accessible geographies produced by the minds of those suffering.
  • "Silent Hill 2" game: Internally created and overlapping geographies of those suffering, and the curious role of abandoned places.
  • "Pathologic" ("Mor Utopia") game: Geography produced by the collective unconsciousness of guilt, spite and shame.
  • "Boundary of Emptiness" ("Kara no Kyouka") anime/light novel by Kinoko Nasu: Geography of haunted places, divisive boundaries, and small-scale tactical combat use of geography.
  • "Valkyria Chronicles" game and anime: Geography of larger-scale tactical combat and the fog of war.
  • "The Hunted" film: Absurdly reconstructed geography as imitation of other geography.
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